Sagar Suryawanshi -(Director)

What he says about “from where he get good ideas ”

Generating good ideas is not so much a predictable process as an exercise. You look at problems and you play with them until solutions start to appear. Trying to do that alone, in isolation, is inefficient. I find my best ideas are expressed with other people on their white boards as we discuss the problems, why they are there, and what can be done to alleviate them. Often, even when you have what appears to be an ideal solution, it cannot be applied because of the practical constraints of a particular problem. Those constraints may include cost, time to market, reliability, special requirements from the client, and so on. For good ideas to work, we have to respect practical constraints.

What he says about “Firms culture ”

Relationships are important. No matter how smart you are, there is always somebody who can help—with some technical topic or just navigating through the organization. Mutual respect and willingness to help colleagues are essential.

Sonali Suryawanshi -(Director)

What do you look for when you're hiring candidates?

Your problem-solving skills should be excellent. You should be hard-working and show that you're willing to go the extra mile. We're also looking for good communication skills. It's important that you're able to express yourself.

What makes SCA IT special as a place to work?

I mentioned that it’s a very collaborative company overall. Even across divisions, we can reach out, pick up the phone and call someone internally, and they’re usually willing to help out and work with you on whatever the project is. I also think there’s a culture of retaining talent and fostering career development that is very different than what you find at a lot of other companies .

Ibrahim Shaikh -(Director Infrastructure)

“What is your team like?”

We have a very open and inclusive environment. All ideas are appreciated. Even the younger members who are just a couple years into the workforce are encouraged to contribute. The culture we have on our team allows for it; the most junior members can challenge those who have 20 years of experience. You can just get up and have a discussion with someone. Often, that's where the brightest ideas come from.

What is the most fulfilling aspect about your work?

There are two parts to that. First, the people. We probably have the best people on the Street, across the board. That’s been my experience after 20 years of working with great people across divisions. When you spend most of your day working together, you want to spend it with people you can learn from and respect. The second part is the power of the brand, which I truly recognized when I became Director - Infrastructure. Clients want to work with SCA IT . It’s a brand they feel they can trust. We’ve been in PAN INDIA for over 22 years, doing first-class business in a first-class way. We’ve been involved in some of the highest profile transactions in the region. There’s been tremendous work by the generations that have preceded me, and it’s a great opportunity and privilege to be able to lead the brand forward.

Bhaskar Gaikwad-(Director Sales)

What he says about “Firms culture ”

The culture is one of togetherness; there is a real collaborative nature between groups that allows the Firm to excel when faced with obstacles or to help create innovative business solutions. I think one of the great things about working here is that everyone's opinion is valued. I always encourage my team to use their expertise and think creatively about how to overcome challenges. An innovative approach can be more effective than being told how to do something, and Morgan Stanley tries to create an environment where people have the ability to share ideas — it allows us to bring a fresh approach and facilitates change.

What he says about how SCA IT helps you progress in your career?

With every one I have at SCA IT, I am very open about my goals, especially when it comes to mobility. Even as I've grown into a role, I've always looked to set goals that will help me develop even further. The Firm has helped me achieve them, whether that's meant moving groups or locations. I like to have catch-ups with senior management. I can be very open about my career ambitions and what I would like to work toward. That really helped with my promotion from Manager to Director Sales , and landing the opportunity to work in a different Zone . I feel I've come a long way thanks to hard work, and to managers and mentors who have helped me along the way.

Pawan Dhawale-(Director Sales)

What have you discovered about how to work with people at different levels?

The Markets division is a rather flat organization. But I’ve found that it’s important to talk with people across divisions when I want to understand more about markets, client needs, and the regulatory environment. Constant learning helps me get better at my job.

Krishna Sarate-(Head of Infrastructure)

What do you like most about your job?

No two days are alike. I really enjoy the variety in my workday. I might be pulled in several different directions at once, whether that's supporting the Back office, dealing with external clients or looking at ways to reengineer processes. It can be challenging but I have a great team around me who help with delivering on all fronts.

How do you approach managing your team to deliver first-class service to clients?

Our team works together, across hierarchy or title, to deliver first-class service to our clients. We have a very flat structure here, which allows regular interaction among all levels—from the most junior analysts to the heads of business groups. We articulate goals clearly at every level, and encourage even the most junior members of the team to participate and speak up. It’s impressive how much creativity and unique thought can be unleashed when people feel empowered to voice their opinions and ideas.


What's the most gratifying thing about your role?

As far as my work on consulting goes, the most gratifying thing is meeting heads of companies for the first time and seeing them realize that they have something within their organization that they could use in this market. Every organization is unique. You realize that they have unique selling points that perhaps they're not getting credit for, in terms of their own sustainability initiatives. As sustainability has become deeply entrenched as part of an investment philosophy among asset managers, more and more companies have been thinking to themselves, “Well, we'd love to do something, yet we're not sure how." So helping companies to navigate that is gratifying.

What’s your best piece of advice?

Don't get soloed into a specific role or function. Think outside the box and look for opportunities—there's a lot of flexibility at SCA IT in general. When there's a good opportunity, seize it and really take responsibility for it. Be open to new ideas and transitions and always look for those opportunities. It’s a great way to move up and increase your stature.

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